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Anomalous gives your team the confidence to make better inspection decisions.

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30% of defects are missed by inspectors

Human visual inspection is an inherently flawed process; when it’s critical that you catch every error, you need your team to be on point. Guarantee inspection accuracy with Anomalous.

Embrace enhanced inspection

Improve your team’s performance by augmenting existing processes with artificial intelligence.

Manual visual inspection is a subjective and analogue process — a task that humans are typically poor at repeating with consistency. Research shows that on average inspectors miss between 20-30% of visible defects.

Anomalous AI-powered inspection software reduces human errors by detecting and highlighting defects, boosting your team's productivity and accuracy.

Clear the fog of ambiguity

Track inspections digitally for greater clarity on decisions.

Inspection is a largely analogue process with a huge opportunity to benefit from digital technologies.

Digital inspections powered by AI allow you to instantly improve traceability. Over time, discover trends in your inspection data and create feedback loops to power a truly smart organisation.

Maximise your knowledge

Make the most of your experienced staff and empower junior members of the team.

Well-trained, talented inspectors are hard to find and often expensive. Anomalous gives more junior members of your team the confidence to make accurate decisions.

Cloud technology allows veteran inspection talent to guide other inspectors who are supported by AI; maximise existing talent, up-skill inspectors, and train new ones.

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