Mission Control

Analytics and control for your inspection process

Mission Control from Anomalous is your central hub for everything related to your inspection processes. From one location, you can maintain visibility of every inspection across your organisation in real-time. As your needs change, you can control your global part catalogue and inspection requirements.

Mission Control provides you with wide ranging metrics and statistics to help you spot trends, as data from your inspections is collected.

Get Started

Inspection Data Trends

Analyse your data to understand inspection tendencies.

Better Feedback Loops

Gather insights that can be shared with your design teams.

Centralised Inspector Talent

Support staff with AI and a central team of experienced inspectors.

Train Inspection Teams

Inexperienced inspectors can learn from our AI on the job.

Give Feedback to Inspectors

Give feedback on inspections to help inspectors learn.

Up-skill Inspectors

Give less experienced inspectors the power to work with confidence.

Deploy intelligent inspection today

Mission Control lives alongside Inspect and can be deployed on our secure cloud environment, your own cloud environment or via a hybrid on-premise and in-cloud solution.

The Mission Control interface is web based and is available on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.